Our Story

What style of music would I call my style? Hip Pop Rock. Strong Beats, Catchy Hooks with a side of live music to keep it interesting. I am interested in collaborating with the world, anybody who has talent and feels the way about music that I do. I live to produce music, collab with other great artist and when the mood is right rock the stage like the world is going to end tomorrow. 

Many people want help, they want the quick easy ride without putting in the work themselves. Let the other people sweat it. All I want to do is go for it all myself and just Rock with it. 

The music is danceable with rock influences. Dance Rock Pop, something different, something original. Come with me, Rock with it. 

Musical influences are Prince, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake

Listen to what others are saying about Geoff Antonio!

Howard Stern - This guy has some serious talent, so much that I want to suggest that the program director at Hits1 Sirius adds your song to rotation. 

Mike Shinoda / Linkin Park - We think you have some serious talent. 

Teddy Riley - Your music is slamming, keep it up.

For a limited time I'm giving away a download of my song Rock With It. Just enter your name and email address i and you will immediately be sent the download link to the free track. 

So enter your name and email address get plugged in to the mailing list, load it up on your smart phone, plug it in to your car, turn it up all the way to 10 and drive the Fast Lane Life.