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Hi I'm Geoff Antonio and I love talking about Music and Business. I am completely fascinated with with learning the process of artist I admire. I find people who are willing to share both their hardships and success stories true leaders we can learn from both their failures and victories. I am giving you an open invitation to join together on a journey with me to explore those stories that move us to where we truly want to be. Let us celebrate Life, Music and the Hustle of being someone of value in this Life.

How exactly do I qualify to be your guide on this journey? I've made every stupid mistake myself along the way and I am still learning today both from my own successes and failures. With one foot in Music and the other running my own business I know what it feels like to pursue your dreams while having to hustle and be able to eat. From being at one time Homeless to Living in a Rehearsal Space to breaking out and living out my dreams. As we take this next step together we will in fact Swagger then Swerve.

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